Pierson Mihelich, age 2, has the best wedding day energy.

Kristie Mihelich never could have guessed that her son would end up being the highlight of the celebration when she was preparing her ideal wedding.

Mihelich, 40, and Bobby, her husband, wed on April 22 in West Bloomfield, Michigan after postponing their wedding due to the coronavirus outbreak. Business partners at first, they later fell in love.

Given that we became pregnant, “God had really quick plans for us,” Mihelich told TODAY Parents. “Our son Pierson was always going to be the ring bearer,” said the parents.

“Canon in D” started playing as the wedding ceremony got underway, and 2-year-old Pierson joined his father at the altar as the crowd eagerly awaited the first glimpse of the bride.

Little Pierson watched in astonishment as the doors opened and the groom wiped a tear.

The proud young lad then lost control of his excitement.

“Hey, mom!” While the audience laughed and applauded, Pierson yelled and waved before sprinting toward her.

Pierson, who turns 3 on May 4, and her brother Kirk ended up accompanying Mihelich as she made her way down the aisle.

Mihelich described the experience as “the sweetest thing on the entire planet.” I genuinely could have left at that moment, delighted with my marriage.

Mihelich admitted to TODAY that she was first unsure of Pierson’s behavior on the big day.

He was yelling bloody murder throughout the rehearsal dinner the night before, and he just wasn’t having it, so she had her brother-in-law take him outside and take a stroll. He had no opportunity to practice walking down the aisle, so to speak.

The couple’s niece, Samantha Mihelich, posted a video of the now-viral incident on TikTok, where it has amassed over 950,000 views.

Mihelich is appreciative to have the recording.

“My brother-in-law was so excited and he jumped right in front of the camera while it was happening,” the woman said, adding that the videographer did not obtain a good recording of the incident. I was really grateful that we could download it to the iPhone.

Mihelich said that Pierson’s “energy” on her wedding day set the mood for the entire evening.

Mihelich said of her son, “I couldn’t have planned it any other way and I wouldn’t want it any other way. To be so priceless and sweet for his mother, and his father also adored it.