The majority of people consider parenthood to be one of life’s greatest blessings. Of course, it can also be frightening, especially if you don’t have any allies at your side.

In order to pick up his newborn daughter in Ohio, Phoenix, Rubin Swift left his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Having exclusive custody, he was thrilled to finally see Ru-Andria, his four-day-old infant.

Rubin was eager for his friends and family to meet his daughter when he brought her home.

But when he and Ru-Andria entered the Sky Harbor International airport and started to check in, he was abruptly stopped in his tracks.

Ru-Andria had a doctor’s note stating that he could travel, but Frontier Airlines refused to let him fly.

According to, they reportedly have a policy stating that infants younger than seven days old are not permitted to fly with them.

Rubin started to feel anxious because he was alone and stranded in an unfamiliar city with no one to aid him.

How would he and Ru-Andria proceed?

Then he recalled a senior citizen he had encountered at the hospital. Just minutes after Ru-Andria was born, Joy Ringhofer, a volunteer at the Banner University Medical Center, had Ru-Andria in her arms.

Rubin and Joy got along when he initially entered the room. The two become close very soon.

He had no one else to turn to, so he took a long shot. Rubin called Joy and told her about his challenging circumstance.

Thankfully, Joy didn’t think twice before acting. She did something quite extraordinary, as Rubin has confirmed: “I didn’t expect her to say, ‘I’m coming to get you and take you home.’” I therefore assumed that she would bring me back to Cleveland, but instead, she brought me to her house where she fed me and made sure my kid was okay.

What transpired over the course of the next three days is unquestionably evidence that there are still good people in the world.

Watch the video to discover what transpired:

Observing what a great person Joy is makes my heart smile. Rubin may not have had a good relationship with her at all, yet despite this, she welcomed him with open arms and went above and above to help him.

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