Warwick Davis, 52, and his wife Samantha Davis, 51, welcomed their first child, a son named Lloyd, in 1991. The couple’s first child died nine days later due to dwarfism issues inherited from both parents. The Harry Potter actress recently revealed the loss of a family member, stating that “you never get over it.”

In a recent interview, Tenable’s host discussed accepting the death of a child.

According to the Star Wars star, the “devastating” experience would not be bestowed upon anyone.

“I suppose it pushes you closer together or something, but it’s a horrific experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone,” he told People.

“You learn to live with it, and eventually, through time, you can better understand why it happened and come to grips with it a bit more,” the speaker stated.

“I think our family dynamic has changed due to the losses, and now that Annabelle and Harrison are here with us, we love them even more,” Warwick concluded.

Tragically, the couple lost two boys before their two children’s birth.

Lloyd, their first child, was born in 1991 and inherited the ailments of both his parents.

Unfortunately, he died at the age of nine days because his lungs were too small to maintain normal function.

They had lost another baby, George, when Samantha was 19 weeks pregnant and two more losses before having Annabelle and Harrison.

“We will never forget what happened to George and Lloyd. We’ll be eternally grateful that we had them for a short period,” while “Warwick” was included in the same publication.

Previously, the ITV favorite stated that the tragedy enhanced his connection with Samantha.

“Our son Lloyd, born before Annabelle and Harrison, inherited both of our difficulties,” he said on Bear Grylls’ television show Bear’s Mission in 2018. This turns out to be a fatal weakness.

“A newborn won’t be able to take it. On the other hand, Lloyd lived for nine days and was rather strong. Nonetheless, it was a trying time. And, yes, we did have a stillbirth.”

Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita, an uncommon bone formation disorder that results in dwarfism, was present at birth in Warwick.

Samantha, his wife, has achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that causes accentuated dwarfism.

Annabelle and Harrison, who both performed in Harry Potter, are both ambitious performers who inherited their father’s illness.

Sam met Warwick as an extra on the set of his 1988 film Willow.

The couple dated for four years before deciding to marry.

In June 1991, they exchanged vows with friends and family.