A young mother who gave birth to twin girls of various skin colors has revealed that her children, who she refers to as having “black and white” skin, are proving to be real pushchair head turners.

Hannah Yarker, who is 20 years old, and her partner Kyle Armstrong, who is 24 years old, have one black twin and one white twin.

Amaya, despite the odds of one in a million, got her mother’s light complexion, whereas Myla, who got her dark skin from her mixed-race father Kyle, got her dark skin.

Hannah spends amost of her time these days out and about explaining to curious individuals that “yes,” the twin girls who are 10 months old are hers, and “yes,” they are identical twins.

Hannah, who works as a receptionist, shared the following story: “Since Kyle is of mixed race and I am white, our friends have teased us from the beginning, asking, ‘What would you do if one turned out dark and the other was fair?’”

“I just laughed it off and said, ‘I don’t believe it’s very feasible,’” she said. Now, whenever our girls go anywhere, they attract a lot of attention, and it’s not only because of how cute they are.

“Every time I try to make my way down the aisle at the grocery store, someone stops me. People never fail to make the following observations: “Are they both yours?,” “Are they sisters?”,” and “Are they related?”

Hannah, from Sale, Greater Manchester, added: “And as well as looking different Anaya and Myla are already developing their own personalities.

“Myla is so active that she’s already crawling, albeit in the wrong direction, while Anaya takes a more relaxed approach to life.

“We can’t believe they’re twins; they have the same birthday as well as the same mother and father, but in every other manner, they couldn’t be more different from one another.”

Anaya and Myla, who are not identical twins, were born in April of the previous year, with Anaya weighing in at 5 pounds 9 ounces and Myla coming in at 6 pounds 5 ounces.

Hannah didn’t realize how different the twins were until quite some time had passed, and now, at the age of 10 months, the differences in their skin tones are even more evident.

She explained that “at first, both of the girls had a purple tone to the complexion, but they seemed darker so I assumed that they had both taken after Kyle.”

“But after two weeks, it was clear that Myla takes after her dad with dark skin, brown eyes, and brunette locks, whereas Anaya is more of a mummy’s girl with a pale complexion, fair hair, and light eyes.”

“But after two weeks, it was clear that Myla takes after her dad with dark skin, brown eyes, and brunette locks.”

“We were in complete disbelief. Together with Kyle, I announced to all of our acquaintances and family members, “We’ve got one of each.”

As a result of coming from separate eggs, non-identical twins have different sets of inherited genetic information.

However, in this case, because Kyle contains the genes for both black and white skin, Anaya has inherited one code and Myla has inherited another.

It is estimated that there is a one in a million probability that the extremely unusual event will take place.