Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump are not your ordinary twin sisters. These incredible women recently celebrated their 100th birthday together in Stourbridge, Worcestershire. Born just 25 minutes apart on November 20th, 1916, they have shared not only their birthdate but also many remarkable experiences throughout their lives.

From attending the same school to landing the same first jobs, Phyllis and Irene have always been inseparable. Their bond is so strong that they even live together now. It’s heartwarming to see how their connection has stood the test of time.

To mark the momentous occasion of their 100th birthday, the sisters gathered with 48 friends and family members for a delightful Sunday roast. Reflecting on their long lives, Irene, the younger of the two, said, “We often celebrate our special birthdays together, and we had a lovely day.” This celebration was not their first; they have previously enjoyed commemorating their 90th and 99th birthdays as well.

What could be the secret behind their impressive longevity? According to Irene, it boils down to two simple factors: hard work and good food. While it may seem ordinary, these sisters credit these elements as essential ingredients for a long and fulfilling life. Their philosophy reminds us that focusing on the basics can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

In a truly generous gesture, Phyllis and Irene requested that instead of gifts, their loved ones contribute donations to the air ambulance. This cause holds a special place in their hearts, showcasing their selflessness and concern for others.

The inspiring story of Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump serves as a reminder that life can be beautiful when shared with a cherished sibling. Their journey together is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the importance of simple joys.

Let us celebrate these remarkable women and the incredible milestone they have reached together. May their story continue to inspire us all to appreciate the gifts of family, hard work, and good food in cultivating a long and fulfilling life.