Imagine being Santa Claus and bringing joy to children during the holiday season. This is exactly what Eric Schmitt-Matzen did as he played Santa Claus on hospital visits. But one particular encounter left him heartbroken and questioning his role as Santa.

A 5-year-old boy, battling terminal cancer, desperately wanted to see Santa Claus. A nurse called upon Eric to fulfill this little boy’s final wish. With a smile on his face, Eric rushed to the hospital to meet the young boy.

As Eric arrived, he greeted the frail but joyful youngster. “Did I hear you’re going to miss Christmas?” he asked. The boy replied, “You’re my favorite elf.” These words touched Eric’s heart, and he knew he had to make this moment special.

Eric handed the boy a PAW Patrol toy and they embraced each other warmly. The boy had questions about what would happen after he passed away. With compassion and love, Eric calmly assured him that he would always be Santa’s number one elf.

Tragically, the boy passed away in Eric’s arms. The parents were devastated, and Eric couldn’t help but question whether he could continue being Santa Claus after such a heart-wrenching experience.

This story reminds us of the immense power of compassion, even in the face of tragedy. Little gestures of love and kindness can make a world of difference for those who are suffering. Eric’s dedication to bringing joy to children during their toughest moments is truly inspiring.

In the end, Eric delivered the boy back to his grieving mother, despite her cries for help. And although he questioned his ability to be Santa Claus again, we can only hope that Eric finds solace in knowing that he brought happiness to this young boy’s final days.