One grieving mother, who tragically lost her son, is warning everyone about the risks of opiate usage.

Sherri Kent said that her 22-year-old son Michael overdosed on prescribed drugs in a heartfelt Facebook post. He ingested a lethal quantity of fentanyl, a narcotic that is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine.

This distraught mother commented, “I simply want everyone to know that my son Michael overdosed on fentanyl.” “My kid was not an addict; he made a blunder that led to his death.”

Sherri posted a photo of Michael in his hospital bed, intubated and possibly unconscious, while she held him in her arms, along with the warning.

On March 21, Michael Kent passed away.

As reported by CBC, Michael and his sister were out running errands when they came across an unknown man who offered them narcotics. This occurred the day before the catastrophe.

Michael’s sister advised him not to take the tablets, but the next day he met with the man. He purchased the narcotics and consumed them in the store’s bathroom, where he overdosed.

“He was in cardiac arrest by the time the paramedics arrived,” Sherri told CBC.

Michael was transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

“Believe me,” Sherri continued, “they were the worst days of my life.”

“Deaths due to opioid overdoses have climbed substantially in the past few years, partially due to a particularly deadly narcotic called fentanyl,” according to the Huffington Post.

Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, and its use in the United States appears to be on the rise.”

Fentanyl overdoses are also on the rise in Canada, particularly in the area where Michael lived, according to the CBC.

“I just want to make everyone aware of the epidemic that is currently raging in every city in Canada, killing 5-7 people per day,” Sherri wrote. “It’s out of control, and the only way to safeguard our children is to educate them about the current hazards of drug use.”

The mother explained, “They made me a location on the bed where I could lay with my kid and talk to him.” “I told him I was still proud of him at this point.”

Sherri’s heartfelt and moving post went viral. People sent condolences and prayers, and she is grateful that it reached thousands of people since it meant she was able to help raise awareness.

We are deeply saddened by this mother’s loss, and we appreciate her sharing her son’s story in the hopes of preventing at least a few overdoses of this hazardous narcotic.