He may be 81 years old, but he still enjoys going out and seeing movies. However, the paparazzi’s most recent images of Al Pacino have alarmed admirers.

We used to see him with a constant smile on his face, joking with his teammates or sparkling on the red carpet, but in recent paparazzi images, we can see Al Pacino being dragged from behind and moved.

In a Beverly Hills restaurant, he’s having trouble eating supper.

Nonetheless, the renowned actor came to a halt and signed autographs for people on the spot.

Hollywood was caught off guard by the announcement of Al Pacino’s divorce from Israeli Meital Dohan.

The two appeared to be a well-knit couple. However, the 36-year age gap between them spoke for itself.

“Even with Al Pacino, it’s difficult to be around such an elderly man. The age gap complicates matters considerably. I attempted to refute it, but he’s a senior citizen. So, despite my best efforts, the partnership did not last.”

When asked if she received any mementos or gifts after the relationship began in 2018, the actress laughed and replied, “She simply got me flowers.” “How do I politely inform him that he dislikes spending money?”