An old property that had been abandoned for more than 30 years was transformed into a dream home by a young Polish family who immigrated to the UK to start a new life there.

In 2018, Ewelina Mejka, 36, and her husband Przemyslaw, 33, paid 155,000 pounds to purchase an abandoned home in Rugby, Warwickshire, Great Britain.

The two gave the property a thorough renovation within six weeks, turning it into the home of their dreams.

“The house was in a deplorable condition. No one could take care of her anymore. The house was left in ruins “, said Ewelina.

Amelia, 12, and Lena, 9, Ewelina and Przemyslaw’s two kids, assisted in the home renovations.

The four of them used their ingenuity and skills to make various minor furniture accessories and items, such as a coffee table, a few chairs, shelves or magazine racks etc., in addition to the items they had to purchase.

The Mejka family expressed their overwhelming satisfaction with the outcome, saying, “We love how it all came out. It is our first house, which we entirely remodeled ourselves from the ground up.

We love our decision to purchase the house every day. Although challenging, the effort was worthwhile.”