When an American woman claimed that she can’t stop eating stones, she managed to amaze people all around the world.

This is the amazing story of a Bedford, Virginia, mother called Teresa Widener. It has been battling a powerful, uncontrollable hunger for more than 20 years. She feels the desire to eat various shapes and sizes of stones every day.

Prior to experiencing an unusual affinity to the fragrance of stones and a desire to eat it every day more than twenty years ago, Teresa Widener was a fairly typical woman.

Everything became a true habit the minute he put a rock in her mouth. As a result, what had at first appeared to be a passing interest became into an ordinary addiction that gradually took over the woman’s life.

Because of the unusual addiction the lady battles, her situation has gained international attention. The American can’t stop eating stones, which is strange.

Despite having a demanding job, a girl and a boy, the American constantly has time to “delight” herself with a lot of stones.

The woman eats an astounding number of rocks per day. She said that she began with only a few pieces and eventually swallowed even a kilogram every day.

Her consumption of stones grows when she is under stress. Teresa Widener said that she cannot stop eating even knowing it is not a healthy habit because the fragrance of the rocks is just too alluring.

“For the last twenty years, I have eaten whole pounds of stones every month. If I know I have supplies at home, I feel much better. I usually choose the ones that I find more attractive, I like the taste of the earth. Sometimes I just put them in my mouth and chew them to better feel the muddy aroma “, the woman confessed.

The woman in question did not succeed in totally giving up the habit of eating stones despite the many attempts made by family or friends, but she did manage to lessen the daily amount.

Numerous examinations and analyses led some medical professionals to the conclusion that Teresa Widener had sinus syndrome.

The woman hasn’t yet presented with a significant medical issue at the emergency hospital, but the fact that she anticipates this strange craving to come with some “costs” over time greatly astounded the physicians.

The desire to consume objects other than food, such as paint, plastic, napkins, and more, is a symptom of pica disease.

Due to the multiple hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy, this is when the condition most frequently manifests itself. However, according to doctors, the illness can strike anyone at any age, but notably those who have A.D.H.D. or other mental diseases.