An Atlanta-based TikTok creator sparked a furious internet controversy after sharing a clip of a friend’s birthday dinner devolving into chaos when he refused to pay the $4,600 tab evenly.

Viccgotti, who has 1.4 million followers on TikTok, argues animatedly that he shouldn’t be compelled to split the hefty bill for his friend’s meal, instead insisting on only paying for what he ate.

“It’s my f-ing birthday. Why the f should I have to pay for something on my birthday?” said the woman.

“How can I be expected to pay for something I didn’t buy?”

In the video, which has earned nearly a million likes in less than 24 hours, the gang is seen making a commotion in the expensive restaurant as Viccgotti draws attention to everyone else’s outrageous orders. It is uncertain what he had self-ordered.

When the video was submitted to Twitter, a context label was added to indicate that it had been staged. At the same time, Reddit administrators removed the post, saying that “staged videos are not allowed on this platform.”

One woman in a bright pink suit added, “We come out together and divide the bill. Period!’

One guy stood up and protested, saying, “You got lamb chop, you got steak, look at all they got, and they talk about splitting the bill,” while the other remained seated. “You want to split the cost after ordering too much,” he explained.

Viccgotti admitted in a subsequent post that he and his friend, whom he has known since third grade, are no longer cordial.

“We ended up bringing the waiter over, and I told him, ‘Don’t split anything for me, they can split if they want to, but we’re not here for that,’” he said in another video.

The proper course of action was also pretty debated among video viewers.

“I’ll never argue over splitting a bill. I’m just going to pay for MY food order and tip, give what I want to the birthday person, and leave,” one user remarked.

“When I go out,” another individual observed, “my bill is usually the most expensive, and I always pay for myself.”

On the other hand, some folks focused on the expected behavior in a premium restaurant.

“The screaming in a fancy restaurant is killing me,” one viewer said.

“Y’all aren’t embarrassed screaming about the bill,” another individual commented.

“Y’all should’ve had that established before sitting down,” one individual stated.

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