Singers from The One Show and Boyzone performed throughout the service.

Following the devastating passing of his older brother, Ciaran Keating, in a vehicle accident last week, Ronan Keating has paid tribute to him.

The Boyzone singer’s sibling went away at the age of 57 after being hurt in a terrible automobile accident in Ireland. According to rumors, Ciaran was accompanying his wife, Annemarie, on a trip so they could watch their 28-year-old son, Ruair, play football for Cork City FC.

An emotional funeral service for Ciaran was held on Thursday at St. Patrick’s Church in Louisburgh, County Mayo. According to the MailOnline, Ronan paid tribute to his brother by singing a performance of This Is Your Song, which was originally written for his mother Marie, who passed away from cancer in 1998. He reportedly told the grieving, “I shouldn’t be singing it in these circumstances, but we are and we shall.”

One of the six pallbearers who carried his brother’s coffin into the church before the service was The One Show host Ronan, 46. Following closely after were members of the public who were likely friends, family members, and Cork City FC players. Once inside, Storm, Ronan’s wife, consoled him.

Father-of-three Ciaran was killed in the collision in Swinford, County Mayo, while en route to his son’s football game. His wife Annemarie was sent to Mayo University Hospital to receive non-life-threatening medical treatment. The driver of the other automobile involved in the crash received medical attention on the spot as well.

A memorial to Ciaran from Cork City FC was uploaded online shortly after the heartbreaking news became public. “Everyone at Cork City FC is deeply saddened by the passing of Ciaran Keating, the father of our player Ruair Keating,” it said.

“We express our sincere condolences to Ruair and the entire Keating family during this incredibly trying time. Peace be upon him. We kindly request that during this trying time, the family’s privacy be respected.”

Online condolences to Ciaran were also offered by some of Ronan’s close friends and coworkers. Keith Duffy, a fellow Boyzone performer, posted on social media that he “couldn’t understand the loss and destruction experienced by my brother @rokeating and the entire Keating family. My entire family is currently in prayer and thinking of the Keatings.”

Keith continued by recalling his own experiences with his bandmate’s older brother and mentioning how helpful he was in the group’s early years. “Ciaran from the early days you toured with us, you were a great guide on our journey in the early days,” he wrote on Instagram. “You supported and assisted us, you young, innocent children. Take a seat in paradise by your Mam Marie, friend.”

A distraught Ronan is said to have paid respect to his late brother’s three children during the service by saying, “Your strength over the past few days has been incredible, and you’ve done your dad very proud.”