We were pretty baffled when we stumbled across this picture recently.

What on earth could it possibly be?

We discussed the potential uses for what appeared to be a relatively common tree branch as the image went through the All Cute offices.

We were finally answered, pondering for a day what it might be used for on Earth. This branch has been utilized since the 1500s for a specific practice. The method was known as “Water Dowsing.”

If the phrase “Water Dowsing” or the dowsing instrument itself is unfamiliar to you, you may be familiar with it by one of its other names, such as “diviner,” “doodlebug,” “well witch,” or “water-finder.”

If you haven’t guessed by now, this gadget is used to locate water. Although it was a regular practice, this is more of an old wives’ tale.

The person using the Y-shaped branch would grasp one branch of the stick in each hand, palms facing upward. The “Y”‘s stem, the branch’s base, is then angled 45 degrees toward the planet. After placing the tool, the person moves back and forth.

The person is seeking for the bottom of the Y to spin toward the ground as they go back and forth. According to an urban legend, the vibrations at the bottom of the Y foretell the presence of water beneath the ground’s surface.

Therefore, you may be wondering, “How did this start?” To discover metals in the ground, dowsing with metal rods was done in the 1500s. Over time, new homeowners in rural areas used the technique to locate water.

The idea was that drilling for water in the wrong place may soon become exceedingly expensive. The water dowser method might locate water more quickly, with little expense or time spent searching.

The popular myth was dispelled when recent technology showed that most of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. However, the device itself was quite innovative for its day.

To ensure they are receiving any water, water drilling companies would occasionally still utilize the water-dowsing method before drilling.

Well done if you knew what the tool was for! Let us know if you want to put your friends to the test and see if they know what it is!