Illusions created by light are always fascinating. They use how your brain functions naturally to cause confusion or conjure up visuals that appear impossible.

Nowadays, because of technology and advances in our understanding of the brain, it can be pretty simple to generate optical illusions.

Particularly since the advent of the Internet and social media, people continue to throng for photos. One photographer posted a candid shot online, leading to a brief online argument.

Professional photographer Tiziana Vergari is based in Switzerland. Recently, she took several pictures for an awareness campaign.

The pictures were meant to demonstrate how distinctive women might be through art. Young women are seen in the image that attracted attention, seated in a booth next to a mirror. The area has multiple mirrors, giving the impression that it is a dressing room.

The deception is typical. The mirror next to the woman reflects the mirror on the other side, which is hidden in the picture. The reflections appear infinitely nested into the horizon due to the light’s back-and-forth motion.

On social media, some users discussed how many real young women there are in the image.

Upon closer inspection of the image, the solution becomes pretty clear. Between the mirrors, two girls are seated next to one another.

You can easily compare the two people’s stances and facial characteristics in further reflections.

This hasn’t stopped some individuals from asserting that the illusion is a hoax or contains dozens of distinct ladies.

Web, why do you hurt our heads in such a way?

Just when you think you’ve had enough of dresses and pandas, someone comes along and creates something new that seems to have been made to confuse people and start endless discussions on social media.

The most current in this never-ending string of online impressions were posted lately on Instagram by Swiss professional photographer Tiziana Vergari.

Around 700 comments have been made on that image as of this writing, most of which seem to be people trying to determine how many women are still in the image.

Three, four, two, or twins? What exact location is the mirror? No one can agree.

Vergari herself was compelled to respond to the remarks to clarify. Undoubtedly, the image shows two siblings looking in mirrors (the nearest woman is looking in a mirror that is merely out of the camera’s field of view, which adds to the confusion).