In a hospital in Florida, Amy underwent a cesarean section to give birth to her sixth child. She experienced awful back pain for a long time and assumed it was related to her six pregnancies, but when she went to the hospital, they discovered the real cause of her discomfort.

She had given birth two months before but was experiencing terrible back pain. Years of suffering through the excruciating pain led Amy to decide to do a number of imaging studies to determine the source of the agony.

After the investigations, it was found that she still had a 3-centimeter fragment of the needle from the epidural anesthetic embedded in her spine.

Amy was shocked to learn this information and is angry with the medical staff that assisted in her procedure. Her left leg can no longer be fully utilized due to severe nerve damage from the needle. If she moves quickly, she also loses her equilibrium.

“Every time I move, walk, or turn, the needle moves in my spine.” I had damage to my spine from this needle that moved there for 14 years, the woman claims. “It merely came to our attention at the time. The soreness might occasionally go down to the left leg’s ankle.”

Despite the fact that the needle will be withdrawn from her spine, Amy now risks paralysis since the nerves in her spine have done damage over time. The woman plans to file a lawsuit against the Florida hospital where she underwent her cesarean section.

Amy made the decision to share her experience in order to let future moms know that anything may happen during surgery. Doctors must pay for their actions since this error they committed was quite serious. A person might become permanently crippled as a result of a doctor’s brief moment of carelessness.