The woman first spotted something quite odd on the presenter’s neck when she was watching a popular American program. He called the show right away and sent them an email detailing what she had seen. The presenter broke down in tears like a kid as the doctor informed him of what was within his body. The conclusion is surprising.

Rarely does one get to remark that turning on the television may save someone’s life. This is precisely what happened in this story. You won’t believe that the TV is merely a screen that wipes people’s minds after reading this.

Flip or Flop is a very successful program that Tarek El Moussa presents in the US. The man is hosting a show on home renovations. On a typical day, when the show was being broadcast live, a fan submitted a rather odd email that astonished the host.

The letter was written by Ryan Reed, a nurse by profession who was 31 years old. The woman observed something odd about the presenter when she was at home watching the program. She was watching television when she saw an unusual bulge in the presenter’s throat, and she immediately understood what it was because she had seen patients with the same issue who looked the same before.

She chose to send the email to the whole production crew so that the presenter wouldn’t be alarmed and wouldn’t assume she was just an adoring fan. She emphasized her worry in the email’s text and advised the presenter to see a doctor right away. Ryan wrote to the program to inform them that it wasn’t a prank and to advise Tarek to see a doctor right away since he had a large lump in his thyroid gland.

The message at first made Tarek uncomfortable, but he eventually gave in and said he would go for a regular check to make sure everything was okay. Unfortunately, the viewer’s statement was accurate, and the presenter had thyroid cancer. The malignancy was identified in time thanks to the nurse’s email, and the tumor was surgically removed.

Unfortunately, Tarek required radiation therapy since the disease had spread to his lymph nodes. Tarek eventually made a full recovery, all due to a spectator who also happened to be an excellent nurse.