This is a story that has never been told before! The stingy millionaire and the clever wife are the beginning of it all.

The woman’s husband believed that because he had worked hard to get his money, he deserved to keep it all even after death and that his wife should respect this wish. But at the funeral, she came up with a wonderful plan to fulfill his wish while also keeping the money for herself! Here’s how she went about it.

“He made his wife sincerely vow that she would bury him with all of his money and place the money in the coffin with him when he passed away.

But eventually he passed away. His wife was seated on a chair with their family’s closest friend, and he was lying in a casket.

His wife instructed the gravediggers to wait an additional minute after the ceremony before closing the casket and burying it.

The woman approached the coffin carrying a shoebox and placed it there. The millionaire was then buried in a trench by grave diggers.

“I hope you weren’t so crazy to put all that money there next to him,” the woman’s companion said to her.

“Yes, I promised,” the woman replied. “My promises are kept. I never lie. I carried out my commitment to him to deposit all of his money in the coffin.”

Do you want to tell me that you put ALL THE MONEY in the Coffin?, the man asked incredulously.

Sure, she said in response. I gathered all of them, deposited them in my account, and then I wrote him a check.