“I have never in my life witnessed anything like it!”

Emma James came across a hole in the ground as she was using a lawnmower to cut the grass in front of the house. The pit grew larger and larger over the day until it was 2 meters deep. The fact that there were some rusted STEPS inside made the situation much stranger!

Authorities believe the tunnel these residents uncovered in their yard leads to a canal that was filled 35 years ago, even though the trench is no longer big enough for a man to get inside.

The two got in touch with the building’s 1984 construction company, but it was unable to tell them where the tunnel was going. Emma comments, “It’s quite unusual that there are steps that lead down, but we don’t know what they lead to, and there is no cover that hides them. Cement and rusted metal can be found below. I don’t want to leave such a pit in my yard; we just want someone to come and tell us what it is.”

The two spouses were ultimately informed by the local council that the tunnel leads to a drain that has been covered in rum for thirty years, but until someone enters and checks, they are not convinced. Despite repeated promises from the authorities, no one is actually sending anyone to investigate what’s there.

The couple wishes someone wouldn’t fall there or that another pit wouldn’t form. They needed to use signs to prevent others from tripping there since they did not want to cover it until they learned what is wrong with it.