Auctions are set up in such a way that individuals who bid the highest money acquire the item that has been put up for sale. In the case of this couple, the items that piqued their interest were antiques, one of which was this armchair.

Angela Milner-Brown, 50, and her 47-year-old husband, Angus, were the ones who gave the most money to him. The Scottish couple purchased only $6 for this piece of furniture, but they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

The couple purchased the armchair ten years ago and opted to store it in the attic. They meant to recondition it, but they couldn’t afford it when they got it. Angus walked into the attic about 6 years later and saw that armchair. He reminded him of their previous arrangements and took him to “alter his face,” which he wanted to accomplish himself.

He began by removing the old upholstery, and when he got to the last piece of cloth, he discovered a huge surprise…

The chair had been stuffed with jewelry. For the time being, Angus decided to keep the secret and surprise his wife with jewels. Angus gave Angela the diamond ring she found in her chair for their birthday. He gave her a set of diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day. He also gifted her a diamond-encrusted brooch for Christmas.

“We were able to redo the armchair over time, and it now looks fantastic. I never imagined you could hide something in an armchair. I couldn’t believe the previous owners chose this location to store their valuables “Angela remarked.

The jewelry was worth a total of $6,604…