It’s never easy to travel with a tiny child. As much as you’d like to just relax and enjoy the journey, you’ll need a few tricks under your sleeve to keep your child entertained. What if they’re not acting their best? Other people may appear to be watching and judging from their seats.

Sammie Welch, 23, was riding the train with her three-year-old son Rylan. It was their second train ride of the day, and it would be a six-hour journey. Needless to say, the boy was exhausted and irritable.

Sammie did everything she could to keep Rylan occupied so that he would be happy and well-behaved.

According to the Daily Mail, the single mother kept him amused by counting sheep, coloring, and reading. They also interacted with others, ate sandwiches and fruit, listened to music on an MP3 player, and did other things.

Sammie snuggled with her kid after all of the activity, and he soon fell asleep in her lap.

She had no idea that another passenger had been watching her parenting.

A man sat across from Sammie and Rylan on the train during the journey. While the mother was unconcerned about the man, she was noticed by him.

The man touched Sammie on the shoulder when he arrived at his destination.

“I suppose you dropped this,” he remarked as he handed her a folded piece of paper and walked away. Sammie was taken aback because she had no idea who the man was or what the paper contained.

When she first opened it, she couldn’t believe what she saw…

There was also a £5 note in addition to the handwritten statement (close to seven U.S. dollars). According to the letter:

“I’ll buy you a drink.” You are a credit to your generation since you are courteous and teach the small kid proper manners.”

On the back of the paper, the mystery man had scribbled even nicer remarks.

“As a side note, I have a daughter your age.” Someone once did the same thing for her! I hope she is as good a mother as you when she has children!”

“Man on the train at the table with glasses and cap,” he concluded. “Enjoy your evening.”

The stranger’s nice words and thoughtful gift greatly moved the mother.

Sammie was so affected that she made it her mission to track down the good stranger and express her gratitude. She told everyone about it on social media and then in the news. It got viral in no time!

After seeing the story in the newspaper, Ken Saunders, 50, contacted me a few days later. Finally, the mystery man was exposed, and they were permitted to meet. He turns out to be someone who adores doing good.

Being congratulated on her parenting meant the world to Sammie. It was also a stunning performance that she will never forget. She said to the Daily Mail:

“I was simply being a typical mother, but when I read the note, I was overcome with emotion.” You should see the state of it after I’ve read it so many times. And every time I read it, it makes me feel warm all over again. Its impact hasn’t subsided, and I don’t expect it to.”

Watch Sammie and three-year-old Rylan on Good Morning Britain in the video below! Isn’t this a wonderful story?