The miracle twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen were adored by everyone, but as soon as they rose to fame in Hollywood, they vanished from view.

Millions of people have fallen in love with them thanks to their appearances in numerous movies. They were so similar that it was difficult to distinguish between them.

The two Olsen sisters easily landed many roles in films including “It Takes Two,” “Passport to Paris,” “7th Heaven,” and “Hollyday in the Sun” thanks to their mesmerizing smiles and humorous appearance. Their professional life began in 1987, when they were only a year old, and it was over in 2004, when they vanished from the Hollywood scene.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are no longer the two kind and charming girls they once were at the age of 33. They lost a lot of weight, and Ashley battled anorexia, so things have changed a lot.

Here’s what the Olsen sisters look like, 15 years since they disappeared from the big and small screens.