Being a mother is perhaps the most wonderful experience you can have, but it can also be quite exhausting, especially in the first few months when the infant frequently wakes up throughout the night.

It is true that this may be bypassed, but only if you are an experienced techie. Gloria McIntosh understands what it takes to be a parent, and perhaps her kids have observed the sacrifices they make.

When Mason, 10, heard his 18-month-old brother sobbing, he awakened startled and immediately went to see what was going on in the baby’s bed.

Mason rushed to baby Greyson’s bed and tried his best to soothe him because he knew his mother was exhausted and didn’t want to bother waking her up at three in the morning.

The young lad was obviously unaware that his mother was already up and was viewing the entire event on the baby monitor.

Gloria’s heart warmed as she witnessed what was taking place: Mason took tiny Greyson and held him for at least 30 minutes in an effort to put him to sleep once again.

“I finally got up and took the baby in my arms to put him to sleep. I asked my son why he didn’t come to call me, “says Gloria,” but he told me he wanted me to rest because I had worked so hard during the day. ”

This 10-year-old boy’s compassion for his mother is quite touching!