The elderly neighbor was sobbing and mumbling in a quivering voice, “I was left without him,” when the man drops everything and rushes over to her. What follows is shocking:

“He looked at me through the lenses of his sunglasses and in a trembling voice said, ‘I’m out of it.’ These words tore my heart to pieces. ”

Do you know what this man did after hearing the worst possible news? He quickly raced to the sidewalk and gave a total stranger the most heartfelt embrace ever!

Aldon O’Neill Ward III is the person in question, and anybody would welcome him as a neighbor. And there’s a solid reason Mr. Aldon has gained such a reputation.

Aldon usually makes people smile as they walk by his yard, but one day he saw an elderly neighbor crying, and he knew in his heart that there was no place for jokes or smiles.

Even though he didn’t know the woman’s name, he nonetheless rushed to the street to give her a wholesome embrace.

He is at the top of the list of all-greatest time’s neighbors because of his actions!

Aldon posted a description of the encounter that was also recorded by one of his home’s security cameras on his Facebook page.

Everything began in 2011

“In 2011, I saw two older people going for a walk in the neighborhood every morning and evening. Pair with bad weather clothing, wearing sports shoes and each holding a cane in his hand. ”

“Every day, the couple greeted Aldon and then stopped for a few moments to talk to the man’s dogs. Whether it was raining or sunny, the good mood could always be read on their faces. ”

“They always said what a beautiful day it is, even if the two were walking in the rain without an umbrella. I never found out their names, but we all knew where they lived. ”

Years passed while this scene was repeatedly played out, with the pair sometimes pausing for a quick conversation to catch up.

However, the wholesome story has now taken a dramatic turn.

“I sprayed the lawn with fresh water. Griswold, my huge poodle, was nearby guarding me against mosquitoes and squirrels that occasionally appear. At one point I noticed a person wearing a jacket slowly descending the street. Alone, the woman approached. I made them by hand, she made them by hand. Then I asked her jokingly, ‘Where’s your half?’ ”

Aldon was still unsure of the woman’s name as she slowed down and started to shake her head, which is a common response to bad news.

“He looked at me and in a trembling voice said, ‘I’m out of it.’ These words tore my heart to pieces. ”

With tightness in his throat, Aldon reacted immediately and ran onto the street.

“Ma’am?” I said as I approached her. He came back and with tears flowing from behind his glasses he didn’t say a word, then we hugged. A heartfelt hug. As if she were my mother or grandmother. ”

The hug immediately made the woman feel better, and she found comfort into Aldon’s chest.

“I’m just trying to do the things we used to do, so I feel like he’s around… I need that.”

Sometimes all you need to brighten your day is a genuine hug, even if it comes from a total stranger.

And occasionally, we need to be reminded of all the acts of kindness that have occurred in the past, and these will continue to occur in the future as long as we have a man like Aldon by our side.

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