The amount of accidents is highly concerning; for instance, in 2019, over 39,000 individuals perished in automobile accidents. Studies show that since 2017 when there were more than 40,000 incidents globally, the number of accidents has declined.

I won’t even address the staggering number of wounded. Let’s concentrate on one solution, and you’ll discover a new approach to accident prevention in this post. You may be asking yourself how. So you may start with a simple sticker.

These intriguing stickers are made of reflective material, so when a car with dazzling headlights passes by at night and lights up, they light up and project an image. The folks who created these were highly inventive, and to frighten other cars and get them to slow down and turn off their bright headlights, they created graphics from scary movies.

These stickers are highly sought-after and popular in China. Drivers contribute to making the road safer and fewer accidents for a very modest cost, but… it’s true, pretty terrifying. Depending on how intense you want the fear to be, the fee ranges from $3 to $10 and the models change.

You can see a car with a sticker depicting a spooky figure with a ghost in various stances and an evil grin in the photographs that are attached. Very original concept! Drivers will immediately calm down if you give it a try.

It’s to be hoped that technology won’t evolve to the point where rear-window 3D displays that make objects appear more lifelike become a problem rather than a solution. Share this with your friends in the hopes that someone may try it. We enjoy a good dose of humor while we make safer travel.