Ohio native Kelsey, a child, turned 13 years old. To celebrate, she asked her mother if she might have some blonde highlights.

Kelsey’s mother, Christin Johnson, wholeheartedly agreed. Kelsey was happy with her long, freshly highlighted hair after spending the day being pampered at the salon.

In a post-makeover image that Christin posted on Facebook, Kelsey can be seen triumphantly smiling for the camera.

Kelsey was then dropped off with her stepmother Christin. The birthday girl returned to Christin, nevertheless, in a far different condition than when she had left.

The surprised mother returned to Facebook to upload more pictures, but this time, the images enraged citizens all around the country.

The day they can get their hair highlighted for the first time is something that many adolescent girls look forward to.

A fresh appearance may be highly powerful for young women navigating puberty and self-identity.

Christin Johnson is a working mother from Ohio. Kelsey, Christin’s daughter, turned 13 in January 2018.

As she entered her teenage years, Kelsey desired a new look.

It seemed rather innocent at first.

For her birthday, Christin agreed to Kelsey’s request to take her to the salon.

Kelsey was overjoyed when her hair appointment was over and proudly showed off her freshly highlighted head in front of the camera.

But when she went to pick up her teenage daughter, she discovered that she was in a quite different mood.

Kelsey got yet another very unappealing haircut.

Christin was horrified and released the most current pictures of Kelsey with the ominous caption:

“The other two photographs are of what happened today before she was brought to me. She was all over me having highlights done in her hair for her birthday!”

Kelsey’s previously long, highlighted hair has been unexpectedly cropped short. Instead, she wore it short and pixie-cut with jagged sides.

Her stepmother and father reportedly cut her hair short so that she could receive highlights. She was told that “actions have effects” by them.

The father’s decision to cut Kelsey’s hair in an effort to punish and/or humiliate her has outraged many readers, as a result of Christin’s story, which has sparked considerable outrage.

Although several individuals advised Kelsey to obtain hair extensions, Christin said she is confident that her father will simply chop them off.

The fact that Kelsey’s father and stepmother are now juggling their own obligations suggests that circumstances have changed, even if some readers might think there are always two sides to a story.

In Wood County, Job and Family Services has started an investigation. The two, who are both firefighters, also seem to have been suspended and given administrative leave.

Christin took Kelsey to Lady Jane’s salon to try to cheer her up.

The kind staff there generously gave the child the wig of her choice.

“The women should be praised for giving my kid a sense of self.”

Ladies, we truly appreciate you!

It makes me sad to think that Kelsey’s simple birthday wish turned into such a horrible horror.

It’s wonderful to see Kelsey’s smile back.

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