A potential mother with a rare condition was transported to the hospital in April 2015 by an ambulance from Ukraine. Even though she was only in her seventh month of pregnancy, something was physically forcing her baby out, which confused the physicians who had not expected to see anything so unexpected.

What exactly was the mystery? Elena Sedova, a 25-year-old woman, was carrying three fetuses: two were in the top of the uterus and one was in the bottom.

The girls above were shoving their sister out with their own weight. Elena had experienced an odd movement in her abdomen for the past few days, but she prayed that the labor would not begin too soon.

Little Likeria was born in the seventh month of pregnancy, which is not something that typically happens in other pregnancies. She was tiny and 950 grams in weight.

The doctors were getting ready for the birth of the other two babies while the doctors put the infant girl right away in an incubator. Elena’s contractions abruptly halted, much to everyone’s surprise.

The medical professionals now faced a very challenging decision. Twins usually come in the world with a large time difference between them, such as an hour; if this space is exceeded, labor is artificially stimulated.

The experts weren’t sure if this was a wise idea at this point, though. The other two daughters were even smaller than their sister. The physicians chose to wait since they knew they could not possibly survive.

Elena was made to spend all of her night in bed in order to preserve the kids’ health. Even though she wasn’t allowed to care for her infant daughter, she was still concerned about the other two babies because they appeared to be moving less and less inside of her.

In this manner, a day, two days, and a week passed. a month. Three… There had never been a time in their whole careers that doctors were already seeking guidance from their peers around the globe.

When Likeria was 1.5 kg and had been growing for 38 days, Elena suddenly experienced extreme weakness and restlessness. After speaking with her, the doctors determined that the moment was right for her birth. Zlata and Stephaniya, two adorable and healthy young girls, entered the world on the same day. Elena was finally able to embrace her three little children.

Now two years old, Likeria, who was born half as small as her sisters, is on par with her sisters despite being a rare triplet. They’re all in good shape and active! We wish them a life every bit as exciting and special as their entrance into our planet.