A bizarre life story that astounded many people. She chose to get a divorce.

She had a child with her husband, with whom she had been married for a long time, but when she learned he was about to pass away, she made the decision to get a divorce.

While some individuals vehemently disagreed with her choice, others applauded her and said it was the best option she could have made.

The Australian woman claimed that her relationship with her spouse had broken down because he refused to stop smoking, despite several warnings from doctors that he has a chronic lung condition, and without considering the suffering their child may endure.

She claimed, “I knew I had to leave him the morning I found out my husband was going to die.”

The woman added that her husband continued to adhere to the vices that slowly took his life away, disregarding medical advice or the sentiments of their little child.

The woman’s partner reportedly remarked, “That’s it, if I keep dying, at least keep smoking.” Nobody could get him to stop, not even himself.

She remarked, “I noticed when I glanced at my husband that he was not listening to anything I was saying.”

“I understood right away as a mother that I had to save my son. I didn’t want him to see me take care of his father.”

“I didn’t want to see my husband slowly deteriorate since he did nothing to improve himself,” the woman stated.