A mom who was going through a great deal of pain was traveling home on a plane to bury her child.

A stranger gave her a napkin there, but it was actually a ticket, and when she made its contents known, it moved many people.

According to Tricia J. Belstra, who posted her experience on Facebook, “I haven’t been able to tell the story so far.

“I flew home on August 18 even though I didn’t feel or looked good. I was holding a bag of vomit between my legs as I sat in my seat between two total strangers.”

“I was questioned by a flight attendant about how I was doing. A young man then arrived, and I wish I had gotten his name.

I requested a cola and another glass of water when he asked if anyone wanted a drink. He bent down and questioned about my well-being. I informed him that I would be burying my child. He apologized and felt sorry about my loss.

My hands were trembling so badly that the girl sitting next to me offered to pour water into my glass. The young man stopped me as I was about to leave and offered me a napkin while expressing his regret for my loss. I thanked him and walked away. I then started crying as I turned to look at the napkin.”

“At home, I asked the priest to bless this man, and he told me that he was one of the Lord’s angel-souls.”

What was written in the note is as follows:

“In 2004, my family lost my older brother. Although it’s still traumatic for me, I can’t even imagine the pain a mother must feel. However, I also watched my mother mourn,

and it seems a process that will never end. First of all, being a mother means giving birth to a new life, as a promise about the future. But your mission doesn’t stop now

– Your son’s life is bigger than his death and it will always be so. My mother fought desperately, but she understood

that the pain never passes. Don’t waste your energy trying to make the pain go away. Instead, seek to find ways to experience joy.

Visit family, reconnect with loved ones, travel. This is your story, and you owe it to yourself and your son to make sure you survive.

Don’t press yourself. This world is full of people who care about you, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. I will keep thinking about you, what you do and how you are. You will come out stronger and I will always hold your fists. ”