They were loved by a whole world, but after they became famous in Hollywood, the miracle twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen disappeared from the spotlight.

They have appeared in several films through which they have won the hearts of millions of people. You could hardly tell them apart and it was difficult to choose one of them.

With a smile that captivated you from the first display and some playful looks, the two Olsen sisters easily got a lot of roles in movies like “It Takes Two”, “Passport to Paris”, “7th Heaven” or “Hollyday in The Sun ”.

Their career began in 1987, when they were just one year old, and ended in 2004 when they disappeared from Hollywood.

Now 33 years old, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are no longer like the two gentle and funny girls.

On the contrary, from beautiful swans, they turned into ugly ducklings: they lost a lot of weight, and Ashley even suffered from anorexia.

Their pale faces express fatigue, and their hair looks unkempt.

Here’s what the Olsen sisters look like, 15 years since they disappeared from the big and small screens.