Before the crash, a player who survived the Colombian plane disaster was reading a Bible scripture about “being safe in the shadow of your wings.”

The bible of Chapecoense center back Helio Neto was discovered at the accident scene and given to the footballer’s widow.

Neto, who is still fighting for his life in the ICU, is very religious, according to his wife, and carries religious scripture with him wherever he goes.

Psalm 63, which talks of being safe in the shadow of God’s wings and thinking of God in bed, had a bookmark next to it.

‘On my bed, I remember you; I think of you through the night watches; Because you have been my aid; Then I will exult in the shadow of your wings,’ it states in detail.

‘My spirit is tightly following you; your right-hand keeps me up.’

Journalist Roberto Cabrini is shown on video arriving at the scene of the accident and spotting the book, which has a letter inside stating that it belongs to the defender, who is in critical condition.

As he realizes what it is, the reporter can be seen clearly shaking.

He reads the name on the inside of the cover with a trembling voice, while the wreckage of the collision can be seen behind him.

In the background, mangled plane bits can be seen, and Cabrini is subsequently seen handing the bible to Neto’s wife, who grins as she realizes what she is receiving.

Doctors have described Neto’s health as ‘delicate,’ saying that he has a serious lung infection,’ and that they have to stabilize him on a daily basis.

Neto, according to his wife, Simone, has a strong trust in God and travels with the Bible.

Simone had previously described her husband telling her on the morning of the flight that he had dreamed the plane had crashed.

‘It’s the first thing he takes when he travels, and here are his annotations,’ Simone remarked as she got the book. ‘I’m extremely pleased to get it back.’

Neto’s lungs, head, knees, and wrists have all had considerable surgery so far.

His family is optimistic that he will fully recover.

When the British-made Avro RJ85 plane crashed en way to Medellin, where Brazilian team Chapecoense was set to play in the Copa Sudamericana final, 71 people died.