Giving birth is a major event in anyone’s life. For a young couple eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child, it can be a stressful time. That’s why the role of family during this special event is crucial – to provide as much support as possible.

Julia and her husband Steven were expecting their first child, and they had very specific rules for the birth of their baby. Unfortunately, some people in their family had a hard time accepting these rules, causing tension and conflict.

The birthing suite is a sacred space for a woman. It’s where labor and childbirth take place, and it’s important for the expectant mother to have control over who will be present in that room. As friends and family, it’s important to respect their decisions and avoid causing any unnecessary issues.

In Julia’s case, she decided that she only wanted her mother in the room with her during labor and delivery. She made it clear that she didn’t want her mother-in-law present. Instead of accepting this decision, her mother-in-law began a campaign to persuade Julia to change her mind.

Feeling devastated and hurt, her mother-in-law sought advice by writing to an advice column. She desperately wanted to understand why Julia had made this decision. She wrote, “Julia has decided only Steven and her mother will be allowed in the delivery room when she gives birth. I was stunned and hurt by the unfairness of the decision.”

She continued, “I reminded her that I was a nurse for 40 years, so there is nothing I haven’t seen. I’ve tried to reason with Steven, but he seems to be afraid of angering Julia. I feel like a second-class grandmother.”

Unfortunately, when she shared her story and asked for support, she was met with a harsh reality check. The advice columnist told her that she was entirely in the wrong. The columnist wrote, “You can’t! You shouldn’t! You are entirely in the wrong! I say this in the hopes that, after the initial flush of indignation fades, you will be braced and supported by the realization that you have been acting badly and that you need to change.”

When the letter was shared with others, they had strong opinions as well. Many couldn’t believe that the mother-in-law was even complaining about not being allowed in the delivery room. The consensus was clear – she needed to let it go.

Supporting new parents during the birth of their child is essential. It’s a time when they need love, understanding, and respect. While it can be difficult for family members to accept certain decisions, it’s important to remember that the parents have the final say. Let’s be there for new parents and provide the support they need.

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