Shopping for Easter clothes for her daughters, a Michigan mom, Meghan Mayer, stumbled upon a dress at Target that caught her eye. But upon closer inspection, she realized that the dress, which she initially thought was modest, had a surprising detail – cutouts at the waist. This discovery prompted her to film her reaction and share it on TikTok, leading to a heated debate.

Mayer, a conservative mother of two and a seventh-grade teacher, hesitated as to whether she was overreacting. So, she turned to her TikTok followers for their opinions. The response was divided. Some agreed with Mayer, expressing their concern over the inappropriateness of the dress for young girls. Others saw no issue with the cutouts, reminiscing about the dress styles from their own childhood.

The debate raises an important question: Is the dress appropriate for young girls? The answer seems to vary depending on personal beliefs and experiences. What do you think? Do you find the dress acceptable or too revealing? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook!