In 1954, Jimmy and Billie Breland got married. The loving couple lived in extraordinary happiness for 60 years. From children to grandkids, their family extended. Billie was a teacher who was infamous for her insatiable need to take notes. She had a really unique habit: leaving notes for herself all throughout the home.

On January 13, 2015, Billie passed away at the lovely age of 83, and Jimmy’s heart was torn in two. The man discovered a large letter in the woman’s wallet two days after she passed away. He discovered something that appeared to be a communication from the afterlife—this time, instead of writing a note to herself, his wife had written one for him.

Jimmy couldn’t believe what he was reading in the note:

“Please don’t cry because I died!

Smile because I lived!

Know that I’m in a happy place!

Know that we will meet again!

I’ll see you there!”

The message was shared widely on Facebook by the man’s close friend: