The horrible illness of Queen Elizabeth II. The specifics were not revealed to Prince Harry until the very last minute. The late sovereign was well aware that she would not live much longer. She couldn’t fight the severe medical illness she’d been diagnosed with indefinitely. At best, the medications would add two or three years to her life.

A royal novelist, a life partner of the late Queen Elizabeth II, has revealed shocking claims. Members of the British Royal Household are alleged to have given Gyles Brandreth permission to discuss the medical ailment that caused the London ruler’s death in one of his novels.

The British Royal Family was aware of the medical condition, according to foreign press sources. Queen Elizabeth II was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. This was frequently marked by bone discomfort, hence the “mobility issues” mentioned in her final year of life.

According to author Gyles Brandreth’s book, Queen Elizabeth II had already accepted the truth that she was about to die. At best, she could receive therapies that would add two or three years to her life. However, no medical procedure could rescue her.

“We learned that the Queen had a type of myeloma – bone marrow cancer – which would explain the exhaustion and weight loss, as well as the mobility issues we’ve been hearing about for the past year.”

Bone pain is the most prevalent symptom of myeloma. The pelvis and lower back are particularly affected. Multiple myeloma is a disease that primarily affects the elderly.

There is no recognized remedy at this time. However, treatment, including medications that help regulate the immune system and prevent bone weakness, can minimize the severity of symptoms.

“It can extend the patient’s life by several months or two to three years,” royal author Gyles Brandreth wrote in his book.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were unaware of the Queen’s health issues. This is what the sovereign would have wanted. The late monarch desired that the Royal Family be in charge of this detail and that it be made public at the proper time and in an appropriate manner.

As a result, the late Queen Elizabeth II would have approved of the detail being made public in author Gyles Brandreth’s book. All to avoid the facts being first in Prince Harry’s biography.

“I received a telegram today claiming that Gyles (Brandreth – ed.) had received permission from the royal family to mention the Queen’s illness in his book.” This was done to ensure that if Harry put it in Spare, it wouldn’t be breaking news. That, in my opinion, was quite clever.

“I believe that happened because the royal family wanted to control how this material was exposed,” Kinsey Schofield, founder and host of the To Di For Daily podcast, alleged.