The news that Bruce Willis has aphasia has made its way across the world. This is the reason, according to his family, that the great actor will have to retire from acting. What does he do now with his time?

Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming Willis, announced last week that her husband would no longer be able to act. The famous actor was also diagnosed with aphasia, a disorder that limits one’s capacity to speak or even understand written or spoken language. The disease can be caused by a stroke or a head injury, but it can also develop over time as a result of a tumor or a degenerative disease.

“Our family is going through a very difficult time right now, and we appreciate your continuous love, compassion, and support.” We’re going through this as a strong and united family, and we wanted to share that with the fans because we understand how much he means to you, just as you do to him.’

Demi Moore, Bruce Willis’ ex-wife, sent the same message. The performers get along swimmingly, and the two families are tight. Bruce has three daughters from his first marriage and two young girls from his second.

Bruce Willis is being treated by some of the greatest doctors in the world.

According to People magazine, the actor’s wife sought out the best doctors in order for them all to live a relatively normal life, especially because they have two daughters, ages 12 and 7. Nonetheless, the prognosis was upsetting for the entire family, according to the people cited in the report.

The most recent photos (shot by one of their children) show the two on a retreat with the girls in the highlands, along a river. The actor can also be seen walking lazily on mountain paths in a video.