A man was horrified after his dog was inadvertently killed by a speeding car in his neighborhood. To prevent similar tragedies, he put up a sign in his yard warning drivers driving by the area. The placard read, ‘We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down. Your family might bury you if you hit one of my children.

The placard’s image quickly became well-known after it was uploaded on Reddit. Many readers commended the man for speaking out about residential neighborhood safety. Additionally, they expressed their fury at the negligent drivers who carelessly speed through residential neighborhoods and endanger the lives of children and animals.

Other readers, on the other hand, criticized the dog’s owners for failing to confine their pet to a gated yard or to keep it on a leash, instead allowing it to roam free. They argued that it is the owners’ responsibility to keep their pets and children safe, not other motorists who might be speeding through residential areas.

Regardless of the differing viewpoints, the sign was a powerful reminder of the importance of defensive driving and responsible pet ownership.