Did you ever get caught behind a customer in an express line at a store with too many items? A Walmart customer recently told the story of a cashier standing up to a customer who didn’t feel like following the rules. My favorite experience ever in a Walmart. I had a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and other items.

At the 10-item line, this woman nearly knocked me over to get in front of her because her cart was overflowing. “Which ten items would you like, ma’am?” The cashier asks as the woman dumps her basket onto the checkout stand.

“What?” the woman asks as she pauses.

“This is ten items or less express line,” the cashier replies in a collected, patient manner.

She raises both hands while speaking, revealing all ten fingers. Then she indicated the sign that said Ten Items or Less in English and Spanish above the lane.

“I want all of this!” the woman exclaims as her face turns red.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am,” the cashier said. “As I previously stated, this line is for ten products or less; kindly select the ten goods you wish to purchase today.”

At this moment, the woman lets out a noise resembling someone poking one of those shrieking goats before pushing her still-full cart as hard as she could. It nearly struck the elderly man who was seated on a bench. She then gave us all the finger for making fun of her, said, “F*** you!” and rushed out.

I paid for my purchases and gave the clerk a $20 tip for the funniest improv comedy I’d seen in a long time.