Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John’s daughter, shared her mother’s final words before dying of breast cancer in August 2022.

Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John’s daughter, had opened out about her mother for the first time since her death in August of last year and shared the last words the late actress said to her before she passed away.

The actress, best remembered for playing Sandy in the 1978 film Grease, passed away at 73 from breast cancer.

In a recent tearful interview, Chloe, who Olivia had with her first husband, Matt Lattanzi, talked about losing her mother.

John Easterling, Olivia’s widower, joined her, and the two talked openly about life following Olivia’s passing and how the family has been dealing with their grief.

Six months after Olivia’s passing, John, 70, who wed her in 2008, acknowledged that he still speaks to her “out loud.”

Chloe, 37, shared her mother’s final moments with Today, adding, “The last thing she could call me was ‘My sunshine.’” She was also cracking jokes just before she lost her capacity to talk.

“She is my mother. Although she doesn’t look like Olivia Newton-John, I’m delighted she did for so many others.”

She continued by stating that the love and support from her mother’s followers were like a “big hug from the universe” and that she appreciated everyone who “reached out and extended their heart” during the difficult time.

John claimed that “late at night, early in the morning,” he sensed the presence of his deceased wife.

He said, “I’d talk to her aloud when I stroll around the house or throw the dogs a ball.”

“I miss Olivia so much every day. Nevertheless, I’m happy I spent 15 lovely years with this exceptional person.”

He also mentioned how, despite “her most trying of times,” Olivia still spread love and light.

The actress heroically fought the disease for decades before her courageous fight with cancer ended in August 2022.

In Southern California, she passed away quietly at home in the company of her loved ones. John posted the news of her passing on her Facebook page.

The author said that Olivia has served as a symbol of victory and hopes for more than 30 years thanks to her revealing her breast cancer struggle.

The Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, devoted to studying plant medicine and cancer, “continues her pioneering experience with plant medicine and healing inspiration.”