Domestic violence and drinking are mentioned in the article that follows.

Although the lives of heavy metal rock musicians are frequently described as crazy, Tommy Lee’s biography may be more accurately described as tragic.

The Mötley Crüe drummer is famed for dating some of Hollywood’s most iconic sex icons, and he has experienced both highs and lows. But the rocker’s life hasn’t exactly had a happy ending.

According to MTV News, Lee has committed several heinous acts, including inciting a race riot with Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx and allegedly sexually assaulting a fan.

Sixx described the latter episode in the band’s autobiography, “The Dirt,” although he later changed his story in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Then there was the incident where Lee attacked a Jewish photojournalist while displaying his swastika tattoo, according to AP. His leaked sex tape with his then-wife Pamela Anderson frequently casts all of this into the background.

Beginning with the stolen tape, my relationship with Anderson was rocky and would only become worse until improving once their two sons were born. In the majority of his scandals, Lee is not the victim, but alcohol misuse has frequently brought the celebrity to ruin. Let’s look at Tommy Lee’s tragic life story in more depth.

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The iconic sex tape from Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s whirlwind marriage is a household name. The terrible part of the tape’s story is how it ended up being viewed by millions of people online.

According to Rolling Stone, Lee and Anderson renovated their home in 1995 while having construction workers come and go. Lee reportedly raged at one of the contractors one day and fired the crew even though they still owed him several thousand dollars.

To avoid being caught by surveillance cameras, a contractor who had previously worked in the porn industry snuck into the couple’s garage and took a safe. When the couple learned the news, they were horrified.

In his autobiography, “Tommyland,” Lee stated, “We knew the tape was in the safe, but we never thought that thieves were after anything other than guns and cash.”

Despite the couple’s triumphs, the stigma of the tape never ultimately left them. When “Pam & Tommy” on Hulu was released in 2022, it became current to a younger generation. Although Lee told ET that he was “stoked” about the television show based on the genuine account of the tape’s beginnings, he added, “The story’s cool; what happened wasn’t.”It was “very painful” for Anderson to release his ex, sources told ET.

Even though Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson were married, Tommy Lee found it difficult to handle her divided attention when their sons Brandon and Dylan were born. In “The Dirt,” he claimed that he felt “non-existent” and had turned into a “whiny, needy little brat.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, his resentment peaked in 1998 when he allegedly kicked Anderson after a disagreement regarding her parents’ visit. According to reports, Anderson was holding her infant son at the time and was worried about the safety of both kids after the attack. In court, her damages were listed as “a torn fingernail” and some minor bruising.

In “The Dirt,” Lee groaned that Pamela probably saw him as a “crazy, violent monster” and said he “couldn’t understand why Pamela had followed through with pressing charges” for spousal abuse. The rock star was given a six-month jail term after entering a not-guilty plea.

According to the Los Angeles Times, he was also required to attend anger management sessions, perform “200 hours of community service,” and give more than $6,000 to a women’s shelter. After the incident, Anderson filed for divorce.

Lee was jailed for four months but was let out early. Although a court commended him for being well-behaved during a post-release check-in, he wasn’t on his best behavior for long. He was subsequently sentenced to five days in jail for breaking the terms of his probation by consuming alcohol, according to Rolling Stone.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were not his first or second legally recognized unions. The rock star has been married four times as of 2022. He wed the model Elaine Starchuk in 1984, but according to The U.S. Sun, their union lasted just one week. In 1986, Lee married actor Heather Locklear.

Some people thought it was strange how her upstanding reputation and Mötley Crüe’s purportedly demonic practices went together, but Locklear seemed unfazed. She famously told People, “Tommy doesn’t worship the devil. He worships me.” However, according to Entertainment Weekly, Lee found avoiding other women while they were married difficult. Seven years later, Locklear announced she was divorcing.

Then Anderson arrived. For their 1995 Mexican beach wedding, which took place just four days after they met, the “Baywatch” star wore a white bikini, while the drummer was dressed in swim trunks, according to People. In 1998, their three-year union came to an end.

However, the rocker never gave up on love. On Valentine’s Day 2019, social media personality Brittany Furlan became Lee’s much younger wife. Furlan claimed in an Instagram post that although the pair had intended to keep their wedding photographs secret, they changed their minds after getting hundreds of direct messages.

When tragedy struck again in 2001, Tommy Lee hosted his son Brandon’s 5th birthday party as a freshly divorced father. A male babysitter and a 4-year-old boy called Daniel attended the event.

In his autobiography “Tommyland,” Lee claimed that the child’s sitter approached him and informed him that he was leaving to attend a rock event but that another adult there had consented to watch the child.

Later, Lee remembered seeing other grownups removing Daniel from the pool, where he had been “floating face down,” according to ABC News. Lee claimed that after the incident, he discovered that the woman who was meant to be minding Daniel was instead out with her dog on a walk.

While others did CPR, the rock star claimed to have contacted 911. At the hospital, Daniel later passed away. A jury rejected Lee’s liability for the child’s death despite his family suing him for $10 million for negligence.

As a parent, Lee told ABC News in 2006, “I’ll always feel responsible.” “I wish I could have intervened or could say I saw it. I regret not being able to take action.

On Father’s Day 2018, according to TMZ, Tommy Lee’s drinking problems came to light when his son Brandon, who was 21 at the time, allegedly assaulted his father in retaliation for remarks Lee had made about Brandon’s mother, Pamela Anderson, online. According to ET Canada, Brandon uploaded a video to Instagram showing Lee unconscious on the ground.

In an essay titled “Alcoholism is the Devil,” Anderson discussed the incident and explained that Brandon acted in self-defense and stayed with his father to assist him with his drinking. She wrote, “I will never speak to Tommy again until he is sober and correct.

“From the moment his kid was born, he was envious of his talent and beauty. He is unwell. According to ET, Lee planned to press charges against his son but never did after telling TMZ that he was not “this deviant alcoholic abuser.”

In 2020, Lee revealed to Yahoo! Entertainment that during the coronavirus pandemic, he started using two gallons of vodka daily and sought treatment when his wife, Brittany Furlan, voiced her concerns. He has now been sober for more than a year as of the time of this writing. He remarked that I’m not drinking vodka today, but I don’t know if it will be a thing forever.