In a new photo, Apple Paltrow, daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow, looks quite different, and many people are shocked by how mature she looks.

The 17-year-old posted the Instagram picture and received many remarks on how she looked.

In the photo, Apple was looking away from the lens as she concentrated on an image of her mother, who was Facetiming with the adolescent.

The oldest Gwyneth child had half of her blonde hair pulled back, thick eyeliner, and long eyelashes.

She wore a black sweater and little jewelry to match her mother’s casual ensemble of a jacket, scarf, and eyeglasses during their video call.

Apple’s caption implied that she appeared to be appreciative of her famous mother in the image.

“Happy International Women’s Day, everyone. I’ve spent the morning thinking about all the wonderful people I admire and who passionately return my affection.”

“I keep thinking of the women I’ve known since kindergarten or seventh grade, who are more present in my life than almost ever. However, I want to recognize a woman today who is (technically) almost there.

She continued to write to her mother in a post in honor of the special occasion, saying: “I feel positive about the future of sisterhood and the fate of the world due of this woman. She has done more than anyone else to mold me into the person I am today.”

Numerous red heart emojis were used as a response by her followers to the touching message.

Her mum replied on her Goop account with three heart-eyed emojis.

Some people were more interested in the appearance of the young adolescent, with one commenting, “Lovely post, can’t believe how grown up Apple is.”

The feeling was echoed by another user, who wrote: “Love this I LOVE you both, sweet Apple! Is she already a woman? It’s unbelievable!”

On social media, a third person agreed and added: “How quickly they grow! She is gorgeous.”

Gwyneth shares a daughter with her ex-boyfriend, musician Chris Martin.

The previous couple also gave birth to Moses, now 15 years old.

The actress recently opened up about giving birth to her daughter, confessing that it was nearly fatal.

When recounting the terrible incident on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert, Gwyneth, 49, disclosed the shocking truth.

She discussed the impact of social media on body positivity before reliving the terrible event.

Gwyneth explained: “I had two cesarean sections. We nearly died, it was crazy, and my daughter was an emergency. In a way, it was terrible.”

Anyhow, you discover a noticeable scar running across your body and marvel at the fact that it wasn’t always there. And you’re not saying “Oh my god” because it’s awful or because you want to pass judgment on it.

She persisted in expressing her disapproval of social media’s effects on women and its development of unattainable expectations for how they “should look.”

Gwyneth says “I’m very glad Instagram didn’t exist when I had my kids because now, when I see someone who just had a baby two weeks ago and has a washboard stomach, I think, “Wow, that’s not what I [looked like].”

And wonderful, more power to the woman with the washboard; nevertheless, she is unquestionably the exception, and we are now continuously given images of what we should look like—babies, no babies, whatever.

Women should stop making assumptions about each other’s parenting approaches, breastfeeding practices, plans to return to work and other matters, Gwyneth said in her subsequent remarks. “Hey, no matter what, it’s fine.”

“We also appear to have a strange tendency called perfectionism, which encourages individuals to think they are capable of superhuman tasks. F or what reason?”

Gwyneth and the father of her children’s have continued to share parenting responsibilities since separating in 2014.

Chris is currently seeing actress Dakota Johnson, whereas Gwyneth married writer, director, and producer Brad Falchuk.