You can never be too sure exactly what you are buying when buying anything used, but as we all know, Goodwill is one of the best locations to look for high-quality items at reasonable prices.

This incident, in which a local shopper acquired significantly more than she had anticipated, is an example of this.

Sarah Thomas, a lady in the resale industry, routinely shops at local thrift stores to gather supplies for her online clothing business.

She knew how to get a deal, so when she saw a chic Petunia Pickle bag, she grabbed it for a cool $3.

But this story goes a little further than just the benefits of finding a deal at Goodwill. See, when Sarah got the bag home, she found out it was incredibly heavy.

The retail seller told her local television station KTVL that she had seen “something bouncing around in there.”

A little hole was visible when Sarah took a closer look at the interior lining. She ripped it open and found the big culprit inside. We are conscious that the conclusion of this narrative may be a little unpleasant given that we are discussing a diaper bag. But what she discovered was far more amazing than used baby wipes.

The bag included a blue digital camera with a memory card that was completely full.

Sarah, being the kind person she is, decided to find the owner of the camera and diaper bag. If the story had been released ten years earlier, we think it would have been difficult to locate this person; nevertheless, thanks to the miracles of the Internet, she was able to do it in less than an hour.

You read that right, one hour! It is crucial to note that Sarah is not a private detective; all she did was transfer a few pictures from the memory card to her computer and post them on Facebook with the caption:

“I bought a diaper bag at a Goodwill store, and inside was a blue Sony Cybershot camera with images. I’m not sure if I should mention this here.”

“Is anyone who can identify this family or the people in these pictures? I want to make sure that they have their camera and, most likely, their SD card.”

After the post was published, someone who recognized the owner, Katie Connor, from the pictures referred Sarah to her. What an execution! Go, girl!

What do you think of Sarah’s admirable deed? How would you respond if you were in her shoes? Have you ever found a treasure at a Goodwill? Please share any thoughts or experiences in the section below.