Tessa Gourin, Jack Nicholson’s estranged daughter, has publicly revealed every detail of their relationship. Since the 1950s, the “Batman” star has had a long and successful career in film and television.

Nicholson has unquestionably made a name for himself in the industry, whether through his iconic portrayal in “The Shining” or his Academy Award-nominated performance in “A Few Good Men.”

In addition to his professional accomplishments, the “Anger Management” star has made headlines for his personal life, most notably his nonexistent relationship with his daughter Gourin.

While Nicholson hasn’t confirmed or denied that the aspiring actress is his daughter, she has been open about their difficult situation.

Gourin referred to the “The Departed” actress as an “illegitimate parent” in 2022 after a news report referred to her as an “illegitimate child.”

“I just pinched myself, and it turns out… I legitimately exist,” she later added in an Instagram post that has since been removed. Gourin appears to be disclosing more details about Nicholson and his absence from her life.

Tessa Gourin, like her father, Jack Nicholson, is a performer. Even though they both work in the entertainment industry, the aspiring actor has clarified that they are not friends.

Gourin recently spoke about her childhood and how she never met her “Daddy Warbucks”-like a father. “My mother always instructed me not to tell anyone I have this famous father,” she said.

The “Stranger’s Arms” actor said that despite her mother’s prodding, Nicholson, who is said to have paid for her to attend exclusive schools in New York, never expressed interest in seeing her.

“When you’re a kid, you don’t get to choose where you go, so if your mother pushes you on someone who is technically your father and he agrees to see you for an hour to a few days, that’s where you’re going,” she explained.

“Let’s just say I don’t know this person well.” Before the interview, Gourin wrote an opinion piece about growing up “on the sidelines” of Nicholson’s life.

“Jack Nicholson has impacted every aspect of my life,” she added. “For some reason, my biological father, one of the most well-known actors, is not looking for a relationship.”