According to Reuters, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley will assist in auctioning a collection of jewelry that Elvis Presley donated to his manager, Colonel Tom Parke.

GWS Auctions has brought in 200 objects for the event, which includes gem-encrusted gold rings, cufflinks, watches, and necklaces. The guitar Presley used during his infamous 1968 TV “comeback” is also up for auction.

“Well, it will certainly bring back memories,” Priscilla Presley says.

She went on to say that it was a running gag for her ex-husband to constantly purchase or buy jewelry for Parker while having no idea what else to get her.

Priscilla Presley claimed to be protective of the objects she created, such as the logo relics for the TCB Band, the musicians who formed the band behind Presley in his later years.

Priscilla Presley stated that one of the reasons she supported the auction was that she was tired of people trying to sell fake items.

“I’m concerned because so many of the products are fake,” she said.

“I want to know for sure that they’re going to end up with someone who will take care of them, who will adore them,” Priscilla Presley continued.

According to Reuters, Universal Music has purchased another iconic music library, that of US artist Elvis Presley, known as the “king of rock-and-roll,” which includes popular songs like “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Jailhouse Rock,” in a transaction with Authentic Brands Group.

The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Still, Universal Music Publishing Group stated that it would profit from using Elvis Presley’s songs in media such as films and television shows.

Authentic Brands Group now owns Elvis Presley’s discography. This firm’s portfolio includes companies with Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe ties.

Elvis Presley’s albums and singles have sold over 500 million copies worldwide, making him the best-selling solo artist. The American performer also has 114 songs on the Billboard Top 40, the most of any musician in history.

In 1973, Elvis Presley’s “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite” concert made television and entertainment history. It was the first live concert to be broadcast globally via satellite.

The announcement comes when corporations in the music industry are attempting to boost revenue by purchasing or managing artists’ music catalogs, following the epidemic’s delay in the release of new albums and reduction in streaming profits.

Earlier this year, Warner Music Group’s song publishing division purchased the late David Bowie’s entire discography, and the late British musician Sting sold his entire music catalog to Universal Music.