Many young women fantasize about their wedding day. One of the most significant things they consider is their wedding dress. Most women have very precise ideas about what they want to wear.

And this bride also knew exactly what she wanted to wear…

Allie Livingwater came to Facebook to discuss her wedding and the significance of her bridal gown. She shared a photo of herself and her grandmother in the dress to show everyone how it looked.

She stated that her wedding would be an occasion she will remember for the rest of her life because it was so special.

Allie has a particular relationship with her grandmother because she has lived with her since she was born. After Allie’s grandma divorced after 38 years of marriage, the family moved in with her. And, despite the fact that Allie had never met her grandfather, she felt closer to him while wearing her grandmother’s wedding gown.

Allie’s grandma burst into tears because she never believed her dress would be worn to another wedding, let alone by her grandchildren. She had written it off, believing it would never be used again.

What a lovely story, and what a touching moment between grandmother and granddaughter. I hope everyone has this kind of bond with their grandparents.

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