A family has great delight when giving birth, but there are also many duties involved. It requires continuous attention, everlasting affection that never ends, emotional support, and a tremendous degree of effort. Without a question, having a child needs a lot of patience and complete devotion, making it unlike any profession.

A newborn completely transforms a couple’s life; they start counting down the days till the kid is born and start fantasizing about what it would be like in an infinite stream. The first time holding a newborn is a unique experience.

There is no doubt that Cindy Richmond and Arthur Keisler did not anticipate it to be so “heavy”. A really record-breaking event that the hospital will never forget.

Like any parents, Cindy and her husband Arthur eagerly anticipated the arrival of their cherished son. To ensure that Arthur Junior wouldn’t experience any kind of need, they did all the necessary preparations and went above and beyond with everything.

The two parents have been together for a very long time, and they have been hoping for a kid to be born into their marriage for a very long time. They truly are inseparable and have a very deep affection for one another.

They obviously had no idea that their tremendous love would establish a record for the South Carolina Hospital where the birth will take place. A week early than expected, Cindy went into labor, and things got started. The infant, who was delivered through cesarean, weighed a record-breaking 14.4 lbs (6.5 kilograms). The infant was so large that the parents had to purchase larger clothing since Arthur Jr. could not fit in what they had packed.

Parents Cindy and Arthur are ecstatic about. Arthur Junior was delivered in perfect health. Macrosomia, the medical term for a fetus that weighs more than 8.8 lbs (4,000 grams) at birth, was identified as the baby’s condition.

In this kind of situation, complications during delivery are possible, but thankfully Cindy’s birth went without incident. Given how big he is, they hope that their oldest kid, who they are now raising, will become an athlete. We sincerely hope that he will play soccer in the future and are delighted for their pleasure. If you enjoyed reading it, tell someone about it!