Sharp items, detergents, combustible materials, or lighters can become dangerous when you have young children. Fortunately, these home accidents are not that dramatic.

In fact, it frequently occurs that the aforementioned events can lead to amusing situations or little annoyances that become unforgettable for their parents as well as others.

Colt, a 3-year-old boy, and Kimber, a 2-year-old girl, are Breana Naylor’s two joyful children. Breana resides in Ohio, USA. One afternoon, she assumed the kids were in their rooms playing while she was in another room going about her daily business.

She abruptly became aware that the atmosphere has grown oddly peaceful! When she went upstairs to investigate, she discovered them hiding in a closet beneath some clothing.

The small girl’s hair was clipped by the oldest, who was standing there with scissors. The girl simply sat there, appearing to agree with all that was happening. Given this situation, any parent would have yelled in fear.

Breana, on the other hand, just started giggling when she saw Colt’s innocent gesture and Kimber’s “chipped” hair piece. Differently, the father became highly disturbed upon hearing the news. But like a good mother, she considered how she could react cleverly.

Her mother called her close friend Jen, a stylist by profession, and asked her to come home for an urgent “procedure”. The lady started ringing Naylor’s doorbell one hour later. She started to work after getting over the first shock and the laughing that followed, and eventually succeeded in getting a pretty haircut.

The outcome was fantastic! Kimber’s beautiful personality was well captured in her haircut. Breana shared the pictures on Facebook, where she received a lot of compliments.

Of course, she made it clear that the tale finished with a “amazing haircut” in addition to a lot of smiles.

In the end, the mother gently emphasized to the two kids that what they had done was risky and that it should never be repeated. Fortunately, the outcome exceeded all expectations, proving that even the worst circumstances may bring positive results.