She sees her new baby sister when she is only 3 years old and makes a vow to her that makes everyone cry.

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Managing the feelings and responses of the firstborn is not always easy when a couple decides to have a second child.

Will they like having to look after a younger brother or sister and being labeled “the eldest of the brothers”? Nobody can plan for this, but we can surely try.

Even though they shouldn’t worry because Mom and Dad love both equally, younger siblings might be jealous of the attention provided to the newcomer.

When little Molly Conley’s mother promised her that she would grow up to be the big, important sister, she was only two years old. Fortunately, she looked thrilled by this information…

Little Molly was excited to hear the news right away. She  had been counting down the days till her sister arrives for the past nine months.

Molly has an older brother named Jack who has always taken excellent care of her, so she is well aware of what it means to be the “little one in the home.” It came time for her to safeguard and show the same love to a younger sister.

She kept waiting till her disappointment over her younger sister “missing the birthday party” surfaced. She would soon meet her sister, and they would celebrate a lot more birthdays together, her mother reassured and soothed her.

Molly was unable to contain her emotions when it was finally time to visit the hospital to meet Cora, her new sister. As soon as she caught sight of her, a smile spread across her face.

The fact that she was allowed to hold her for a brief period of time made Little Molly more happier. Her family had captured the wonderful moment in which the young girl met her long-desired sibling on camera. She whispers quietly, kissing her on the forehead, “You just came out of your mother’s womb and I surely won’t let you fall or go.”

It is evident that Molly will treat her younger sister with the same respect and affection that she does for her own family.

The footage of the priceless scene can be seen here:


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