In anticipation of the arrival of her fourth child, Joanna Page displayed her huge pregnant belly.

The Gavin and Stacey star announced in August that she and her husband James Thornton were expecting a child around the holidays, and as her due date approaches, she has turned to Instagram to display her big baby bump.

Joanna shared a cute photo of herself smiling while pulling up her colorful jumper to display her baby bump with her 97,000 Instagram followers.

She captioned a lovely snapshot of herself clutching her baby bump, “I guess my stomach’s popped #notlongnow.”

Joanna’s pregnancy was soon celebrated in the comments section by fans and friends.

“It’s pretty astounding what our bodies can achieve,” one fan said. “Fantastic photograph.”

“Wow, a tiny gift all tucked up cozy in there,” one person said, while another added, “You look very happy, good luck.”

“Big hugs, darling lady xxxxxx,” commented her friend Melanie Sykes.

Joanna, who has three children with her husband James: Eva, seven, Kit, five, and Noah, four, announced her pregnancy last summer, calling it a “surprise.”

“What a lovely surprise!!” The fourth child is on the way! It’s going to be a busy holiday season!” she wrote.

She has previously joked that she may end up with four children and get “addicted” to having children.

Joanna has just decided to shift her career path and concentrate more on the present.

“I was gone working filming two episodes back to back for the first six months following Eva,” she explained about her decision to take a sabbatical from acting.

“I had my mother look after her on stage, but it was difficult because all I wanted to do was spend time with my new baby. Furthermore, I find presenting to be far more entertaining. You’re always up to something new, and I enjoy just being myself and talking to strangers.”