Tattoo Addiction: A Job Seeker’s Struggle

In today’s world, tattoos have gained immense popularity and social acceptance. However, when it comes to the job market and interviews, tattoos can still present challenges. A 45-year-old mother, Melissa Sloan, who is a self-proclaimed tattoo addict, has shared her difficulties in finding employment. She firmly believes that her abundance of tattoos is the main reason for her unemployment.

Melissa’s love affair with tattoos started when she was just 20 years old. Over the years, she has covered herself from head to toe in ink. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Melissa revealed that most of her tattoos were done by her partner, using a “prison-style” technique at home.

Melissa’s tattoos are intricate and eye-catching, adorning her face with Playboy bunnies on her cheeks, marijuana leaves on her scalp, and hearts shaping her eyebrows. She even has spider webs on her breasts. When asked about her addiction to tattoos, Melissa likened it to other vices, saying, “It’s like when you have a cigarette or a drink, you get addicted. I can’t stop it now, it’s addictive, I just can’t stop it.” She confessed that she always keeps a tattoo gun with her and doesn’t hesitate to get a new tattoo anywhere, even in her car.

Unfortunately, Melissa’s tattoos have become a significant barrier when it comes to finding employment. She shared her struggles of being unable to hold a job for an extended period of time. Melissa revealed, “I can’t get a job… They’re not going to take me. I applied for a job cleaning toilets near where I live, but they turned me down because of my tattoos.”

Due to her appearance, many people assume she has never worked. However, Melissa clarified that she had once been a toilet cleaner, even though it didn’t last long. Reflecting on her situation, she expressed her eagerness to work if given the opportunity. Melissa stated that she would accept any job offer and be ready to start the very next day, showcasing her commitment and determination.

The question arises: in our modern society, why are tattoos still regarded negatively in the workplace? According to a study conducted by, tattoos can indeed pose issues in certain work environments. The study involved 300 employers who were questioned about their attitudes toward hiring individuals with tattoos. The survey concluded that the acceptance of tattoos in the workplace varied depending on the nature of the job. Unsurprisingly, tattoo parlors were more likely to embrace employees with tattoos.

Among the respondents, 14% claimed that tattoos would greatly influence their decision to hire a candidate, while another 14% admitted they would prefer not to hire someone with visible tattoos. On the other hand, 23% of employers stated that tattoos did not matter to them, and it wouldn’t affect their decision. About 35% of companies mentioned that the acceptance of tattoos depended on the specific job, while 28% considered factors such as the number and location of tattoos.

In conclusion, Melissa’s struggle in finding employment due to her love for tattoos sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding tattoos in the workplace. While society’s attitudes are changing, it is evident that tattoos can still raise concerns for employers, leading individuals like Melissa to face difficulties in securing a job.