Graduating from a university is probably one of the most important moments in a person’s life. So, naturally, during this monumental time, a person needs the support of their family and friends.

However, a student was left in tears at his graduation ceremony after he realised that his parents haven’t arrived to witness the moment.

Jeric Rivas graduated as the top student in his class at La Concepcion College in the Phillippines but his celebration was left incomplete without his parents. 

He wrote a post about it back in 2019, but it is resurfacing now and going viral againHe wrote that he was hoping to see his parents even though they have let him down in the past.

He claimed that even as a child when he was on medals and awards, his parents never showed up.

However, at his graduation, he tried to walk confidently when his name was called up on stage but ended up breaking down in tears as he realised his parents hadn’t shown up.

He wrote his post in Filipino – “I felt a mixture of happiness and sadness again. I looked to the right, looked to the left, and at the back and in front, all I saw were happy faces that are smiling.

“I’m trying to hold back from crying, but I just can’t. I just felt my tears falling, I just sat beside. I felt envy.”

However, Jerin wasn’t left alone. His teacher supported him as one of them accompanied him on stage to be with him when he received his scroll.

He added: “One of my other professors was standing there on stage waiting for me and gave me a hug. While that moment took some of my sadness away, I still ended up crying in front of everyone.”

He ended up thanking all his teachers in his post. In the end, he even thanked his parents and hoped they will be proud of him.